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Supporting engagement and coproduction

We are experienced at running engagement activities and compiling public consultation feedback. We have been involved in more than 500 consultations with the public sector. We can:

  • organise and manage consultation processes
  • write consultation documents and surveys
  • facilitate workshops and co-design meetings
  • analyse and compile feedback
  • provide decision support tools and presentations
Consultations are tricky and time-consuming but The Evidence Centre handles them with ease. We have been impressed with how they have written documents, facilitated events and analysed huge numbers of responses in a balanced and meaningful manner – and at breakneck speed.
Department of Health
Compiling large quantities of feedback

The Accelerated Access Review with the Department of Health aimed to make it easier for people to access innovative medicines, medical technologies and digital products through the NHS. The Evidence Centre compiled feedback from all phases of the review. Learn more about the review process and outcomes here

Supporting safer communities

We helped police services consult the public about local priorities and ways to effectively engage with vulnerable people and diverse communities. More than 12,000 responses were received, including letters, emails, meeting notes and surveys. The Evidence Centre compiled all feedback within a two week period to assist decisions about next steps.

Encouraging co-production

The Evidence Centre helped clinical commissioning groups in South West England codesign services with members of the public, carers, staff, voluntary services and others. This was the first time the commissioners had fully coproduced plans with stakeholders and acted as a model for many others implementing sustainability and transformation plans.